Graphene and 2D Materials have a huge potential to impact established industrial sectors, building new emerging industries and niche segments and creating economic value.
The two-day Graphene and 2DM Online conference (GO2021) will present the most recent advances in fundamental research in electronics, energy storage, biohealth, composites, coatings or sensors.
25 high profile talks from worldwide most influential academia experts in the Graphene and 2DM sector will present speeches in this international event on how advanced materials will change the future of technology and impact positively our daily life.

Gil-Ho Lee
POSTECH, South Korea
Talieh S. Ghiasi
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Yuanyuan Shi
IMEC, Belgium
Li Tao
Southeast University, China
Xiaodong Xu
University of Washington, USA
Peng Zhou
Fudan University, China

19 Plenary, Keynote & Invited speakers confirmed

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  Graphene2021 Online (GO2021) launched  

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